The Wedding Mantras

Published: 17th December 2008
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The Bengalis are known for their deep faith in their traditional beliefs. It is their faith in their religion and their gods that they do every possible effort to make them present in all their family celebrations. It s the tradition of the Bengalis to invite the gods to witness the beginning of a new relationship which begins with a wedding.

The wedding rituals of the Bengali bride and the groom menifest a deep-routed worship of the gods which lasts for about three to four hours in which different gods are invited to witness and bless the beginning of the new relationship. The entire wedding schedule is based upon the ethics of the Vedic beliefs and traditions.

The pandit or the purohit, generally the Brahmin, is responsible for coducting the wedding rituals. He is an experience campainer for this affair and he chants the mantras from the four Vedas to invite the gods. It is believed that these mantras are chanted to invite gogs like Ganesha, Agni, the god of sacred Fire, and Lord Vishnu. These mantras are the outcome of deep religious faith that most of the Bengalis have and the bride and the groom chant the mantras with great faith and respect for their religion.

The basic reason of these mantars is to make the gods bless the couple for a happy, peaceful and prosperous married life. The presence of the gods ensures the happy conjugal life of the newly wed couple. For more details of the wedding mantras, click on this link

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